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POLISHED by Jamie Egan

Invest in your skin's health with Jamie Egan's professional-grade skincare line, POLISHED. As a Master Esthetician & Master HydraFacialist, Jamie understands what your skin needs to stay protected and healthy.

POLISHED skincare products are formulated with the highest quality ingredients to provide real, visible results. Don't waste time and money on mediocre skincare products that may do more harm than good.

Trust Jamie's expertise and let POLISHED work its magic on your skin. You deserve the best, and Jamie Egan's skincare line delivers just that. Try POLISHED today and experience the difference for yourself.

Premium Results With POLISHED

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    Ultimate Results

    POLISHED was created by a master in the skincare industry to get maximum results for clients. Now, you can get results at home!

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    Simple Regime

    No one has time for an extravagant skincare routine! The POLISHED skincare line was developed to get results with a simple regimen.

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    Quality Ingredients

    High-quality peptides are used to stimulate collagen production, reduce wrinkles, and improve skin texture for a more youthful appearance.


Jamie Egan

As a Master Esthetician & Master HydraFacialist, Jamie Egan has worked one-on-one with clients for over 20 years. She has a long list of valued clients who trust her wholeheartedly to care for their skin.

Jamie is known for her extensive knowledge of the skin and her expertise in combining the right cosmetic treatments and products to achieve maximum results.

While clients in the Seattle metro and surrounding areas can take advantage of her in-person cosmetic treatments, people across the US can now benefit from her professional skincare line, POLISHED.

Shop the POLISHED Skincare Line

Get professional-grade skincare products from Jamie Egan, a Master Esthetician & Master HydraFacialist. Her skincare line protects and restores your skin with high-quality ingredients. Don't settle for mediocre products. Choose Jamie Egan's skincare line for real results.

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Trusted Expert, Industry Speaker, & Educator

Jamie, a Master Esthetician and Master HydraFacialist with over two decades of experience, is a sought-after expert in addressing clients' skincare concerns. Her personalized esthetician services have garnered high demand, and she has a loyal following of clients who trust her knowledge and expertise.

In addition to her individual work with clients, Jamie is a respected figure in the skincare industry and frequently speaks at events across the United States. Her passion for skincare and commitment to education shine through in her engaging presentations on a range of skincare topics.

If you're interested in booking Jamie for your event, reach out today!

What Clients Are Saying


Achieve the results you dream of with POLISHED skincare products by Jamie Egan, Master Esthetician & Master HydraFacialist.