Beauty is a feeling!

What does this mean? Funny you should ask.

To me it means part of being beautiful on the outside comes from how you feel on the inside. I can hear you asking…How do I Feel beautiful on the inside? I believe it comes from doing self-care rituals that uplift our spirits beautifying our inside and out!

Some examples of the self-care that help us inside and out our things such as skincare treatments, yoga, getting your hair and nails done, meditation, working out. While at first thought some of these things may seem vain or like they are only for appearance that is far from the truth in my opinion. For example when we get Services done that beautify our skin, we are able to look in the mirror and feel good about the reflection looking back at us.

When we feel good about what we see in the mirror, it gives us a little pep-in-our step and helps us exude happiness and confidence. When we are happy and confident, people around us feel that. When people talk about good vibes- that’s what they are talking about.. Those vibes are felt by other, they resonate and inspire others to be happy and confident. This creates a domino effect of positivity.

Let’s face it ladies, this world could benefit from having as many self loving happy women as possible. So gals do your part in making the world a better place and making self-care a priority!! Rah rah let’s hear it for self-care.

Always Remember BEAUTY IS A FEELING!

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