POLISHED Master Esthetician, Jamie Egan, shares valuable information and helpful tips about skincare, cosmetic treatments, and skincare products.

Do You Have EFAD?

Do you have acne, rashes, extreme dryness, little white bumps under your skin? Keep on reading because you're gonna wanna hear this! EFAD may be exactly what is happening with your skin! Sometimes we have...
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An Anti-Aging Guide – 5 steps to looking Youthful

I often get asked for my hottest tips on how to have great looking skin. While there isn’t one single magic step that creates fabulous skin …major bummer right?!....there are 5 steps that will greatly...
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Serums: A must-have to any Regimen

As we set out to combat our skin concerns and imperfections, it’s widely considered a necessity to have a skincare regimen as part of your daily routine. What all do you need for that regimen...
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Power in Peptides

Refine is a peptide focused skincare line. And while I’m not going to bore you a scientific Mumbo jumbo about Peptides in skincare, I am going to tell you why they are awesome and why...
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Beauty is a Feeling

Beauty is a feeling! What does this mean? Funny you should ask. To me it means part of being beautiful on the outside comes from how you feel on the inside. I can hear you...
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Let’s Achieve Your Skin Goals

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