Do you have acne, rashes, extreme dryness, little white bumps under your skin? Keep on reading because you’re gonna wanna hear this!

EFAD may be exactly what is happening with your skin! Sometimes we have searched high and for the magic product, lotion, or potion that will fix our skin problems and while all the topical products plays a vital role in skin health, it may be something internally that you are deficient in.

So many people suffer from skin conditions that could be improved from one simple step! I feel the need to get the word out there about EFAD. The really great news is most of the time EFAD isn’t something that is extremely hard to combat. it can be done!

Okay okay I’ll get on with it and spare your the suspense any longer and inform you what exactly EFAD is. EFAD stands for Essential Fatty Acid Deficiency. Essential fatty acids are also known as Omegas. Hemp seed oil and fish oil are examples of omegas that should be present in everybody’s diet. In many cases the amount of Omegas that one gets from today’s diet just isn’t enough. In many cases EFA’S need to be taken in supplement form.  EFA Omegas reduce inflammation, lubricate joints and skin, and have a direct correlation to the oil production production and consistency.

Do you have it? That’s the question, right?! First things first let’s figure out the answer to this question.  Do you have u rashes like exema or psoriasis that never heal? Red or irritated cheeks? Extreme skin dryness? Ance? clogged pores? little tiny white bumps with no redness around them? If so, chances are yes and you’ll want to keep reading.

How to address it? So here’s where I’m going to nerd-out on you a bit about skin, stay with me because you’re gonna need to know the “why” behind what is happing with in your skin. You see, in order for the skin to properly lubricate itself, the oil must be the right consistency. In addition to that there must be enough extra “free” water in your body to push up oil so the oil can then lubricate the skin.  This is one reason why you hear the constant talk about drinking tons and tons of water. Here’s where the EFA’s come in-the omegas ensure that the oil is the correct consistency so that the oil is then able to be pushed up by the “free” water in your body.  As the oil gets pushed up through the layers of the skin and onto the skin’s surface, it can properly lubricate and hydrate the skin. it will also ensure that the oil doesn’t get trapped under the skin layers causing the little white bumps called milia or get stuck in the pores causing excess blackheads. Rashes are less likely to form if their is more internal hydration.  Lubricated  and hydrated skin gives us glowing skin that is free of problems.

Now, we know what and why so lets figure out who and how.  As a disclaimer I’m not a doctor, but I am a licensed skincare guru and I can tell you many of my clients that suffer from the above mentioned skin ailments, especially acne have had great success in improving what you see on the outside due to implementing EFA’s to the inside.  I recommend supplementing EFA’s from pre-teen to women in their 60s and beyond. I do suggest consulting a doctor if you have underlying issues or are currently in a treatment plan with a physician.

Now listen up! Last but not least This is IMPORTANT! Yes, I’m aware I’m sound bossy, but I just don’t want you to miss this info and I’m working on my bossy ways okay! I blame it on being the first born.  Back to the matter at hand, when picking out EFA’S or Omegas you must find some that contain Omega 3, 6, and 9.  Having all 3 omegas is a must for better success. I also recommend making sure the quality is good, in some cases cheaper doesn’t mean less effective but in this case be willing to pay a little more for quality. If you want this to improve your skin you will want to purchase the highest quality. I recommend DMK International EFA’s for a great source of vegetarian Omegas. and one of the best part of non-fish oil derived omegas is that they don’t taste fishy.  I just can stand burping up fish taste! ewww! I mean not that I burp because I’m a true lady;)

After Implementing omegas it can take time to see improvements but keep going as consistency is key to anything involving skin.  Along with these supplements daily be sure to keep up with your water drinking to ensure your oil/water ratio is on track.

I have experienced vast improvements with these supplements in my own skin and in my clients skin. Good luck and stay consistent! bring on the properly functioning healthy glowing skin!

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