Refine is a peptide focused skincare line. And while I’m not going to bore you a scientific Mumbo jumbo about Peptides in skincare, I am going to tell you why they are awesome and why you need them in terms you don’t have to had majored in chemistry to figure out.

The skin is a complex organ, the largest organ of your body in fact. The skin runs off many little tiny yet important systems within this large organ. These systems must be in Proper working order to have healthy youthful looking skin. Glowing skin doesn’t just happen by accident, it takes all hands on deck.

One of the most important process that needs to happen is the production of proteins. Proteins are the building block of your skin structure. The most infamous protein is COLLAGEN. This is wear your ears should perk up! We need lots of collagen to maintain youthful, plump and supple skin and Here’s wear the peptides come in! Here is also where I simplifying the function and importance of peptides in your skincare:

Peptides are proteins that act as tiny little messengers telling the above mentioned infamous and ever so important proteins collagen to produce more. Like wake up collagen I want more of you so grow damn it!

I need to deliver some not-so-good news to you- our bodies production rate of collagen slows way down after the age 25. Here’s where Peptides play a role in soothing and anti-aging the skin. In order to keep collagen production going we need to layer peptides on our skin. We need daily doses of those messengers telling our skin we want more!

Peptides anti-age your skin through soothing, plumping, nourishing, hydrating, and brightening. A very non-stripping kinda way. There are so many ingredients out there that have been deemed “good for anti-aging” while there is definite truth to that, I believe there is a better route to take then stripping down your barrier and over exfoliating as some of these other ingredients do. That route causes damage to your skins natural barrier causing pre mature aging, irritation and redness

Bioactive peptides target specific skin issues such as fine lines, loss of firmness, compromised barrier, and dull dry skin and they do it in a gentle way!

BOTTOM LINE: don’t strip your skin with harsh anti-aging ingredients. Be nice to your skin, show it some love by using peptide focused skincare.

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