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These are the pharmaceutical peptides we use in POLISHED formulations:

Heptapeptide-7 - This bioactive peptide has been shown in laboratory tests to promote keratinocyte proliferation and migration to support skin renewal, essential processes for healthy, vibrant skin.

Palmitoyl Hexapeptide-14 helps boosts collagen production, thereby reducing the appearance of wrinkles while increasing firmness of the skin. It also helps to eliminate dull and dry skin with the addition of a lipid delivery system.

Hexapeptide-21 works within the skin’s own natural repair and regeneration system. Hexapeptide-21 is designed to stimulate collagen production and cell turnover to help improve the appearance of damaged skin.

Oligopeptide-10 is based on the body’s own antimicrobial peptides and also has anti-inflammatory properties that helps reduce skin imperfections.


Clinical Studies and Trials

Heck yes, and we are proud of it! Our products have been clinically proven through lab and clinical studies to ensure efficacy in anti-aging. *Refer to data under each product.


Yes! They are paraben free, sulfate free, and free of any and all other harmful ingredients. 


Create Your Ideal Skincare Routine

Your Ideal Skincare Routine

With so many skincare product options on the market today, it can create confusion! You may find yourself overwhelmed and wondering…..what do I use?

What You Should Use

POLISHED, of course! POLISHED is an amazing product that is peptides focused. POLISHED uses the highest quality ingredients and bioactive peptides that lead to positive changes in your skin. There are products to suit all skin types and combat all skin concerns for any age.

Personalizing a Regimen For You

That said, here at POLISHED, we want to help you personalize a regimen for YOU! Something that is tailored to YOUR skin so that you get the best results possible!

So here is what you do, head to our contact page and shoot us an email including the answers to the following questions:

What is your main skin concern? In other words, When you look in the mirror what bothers you the most?
How does your skin react in the sun?
  • always burn, never tan.
  • usually burn, tan minimally.
  • sometimes mild burn at first exposure but tans uniformly.
  • always tans well moderate brown, burns minimally.
  • tans very easily dark brown, very rarely burns.
  • never burns, never tans, deeply pigmented dark brown.
Are you sensitive to any ingredients that you know of?
Are you used to using a skincare regimen with 3-5 products?
Is there any other information that you think we need to know before we devise a plan for your new skincare routine?
Skincare services

We will get back to you with a regimen that will fit for you and your skin goals. At that time you can head to the product page, add the suggested products to your cart. We will ship them out and you can prepare to see positive changes in your skin.

polish your skin & get ready to glow.

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